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Breathe new life into your favourite chair or sofa

Reupholstering your furniture can be a lot cheaper than replacing with new, especially for quality brands of furniture such as G-Plan, Ercol, and Parker Knoll, you know that it fits your home and is comfortable.

The entire process of stripping your furniture right back to its bare frame, is an opportunity to do more than renew it, but to strengthen what exists, where the frame joints are assessed and tightened as necessary. Any Webbing or Springs that need replacing, are also attended to.

It is more environmentally friendly than buying new and is far less effort as we come to you! Your furniture will not go to waste and end up in landfill.

Here at Cheltenham Upholstery we specialise in traditional and modern re-upholstery of all manner of furniture. Our traditional re-upholstery methods include working with all types of natural fibres and horse hair while our modern methods involve working with foams and synthetic fibres.

Our skilled work-force is well-equipped to deal with your most valuable heirlooms and can work to your specific requirements.



Find the perfect fabric for your sofa or chair. Cheltenham Upholstery has a large range of fabrics to choose from including:



Designers Guild

Clarke & Clarke

Osborne and Little

Nina Campbell


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